Essay on Unity is Strength

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From the very beginning of humankind, we have discovered proof that strength rests in numbers. In the current situation, when there is rivalry all around, and everyone is hustling to make their way to the top, not many people understand the significance of the world wide phrase ‘Unity is Strength’.

People feel more powerful and effective when they work as a team instead of working alone. This feeling/sense increases their confidence, and they work physically and mentally more efficiently.

The strength of unity is the essential requirement of any living creature, whether they are animals or humans. Every individual want a group in which they can tackle the most critical situations ascending towards their life.

Unity is Strength
Unity is Strength

Why is Unity Important?

A person may be physically strong, but he cannot stand a chance against a well-coordinated team. While working as a team, no problem seems much complicated, and a team always motivates each other and get the work done smoothly.

Unity in a family

Unity among family members can resolve any problem encountered by a member of the family and aid a person with physical and financial security and mental support. Unity in a family encourages understanding among family members as they share feelings. They can provide each other with mutual cooperation as members help each other during different circumstances.

Unity in a Sports Team

In a football match, we often see that a team with proper co-ordination looks like a well-oiled machine, whereas the players who try to play alone end up doing nothing. The unity among players increases the attacking power of a team, which eventually leads to a massive gap between the scores. Well, unity also makes the opponent weak and increase their chances of losing the game.

Unity among animals

The importance of unity among animals is magnificently essential for their survival as the animals living in the wild are always vulnerable. This is the reason why most of the animals choose to live in groups than alone. Being united, they can tackle any situation, and numbers also make a huge difference against the tawny predators who live in small packs. Unity is essential even for giant beasts like elephants as they too can be preyed if they are alone. In the wilds of Africa, the group of few animals consists of thousands.

Unity among workers

Unity in a workplace or among workers creates an atmosphere that cultivates friendship and loyalty. These close-knit connections motivate workers in parallel and arrange them to work harder, support, and be supportive of one another. Unity and teamwork provide enhanced productivity. By combining teamwork strategies, a person becomes more capable and productive. This is because it allows the workload to be shared, reducing the pressure on individuals and secure that tasks are completed within a set time frame. We can dodge future errors, gain insight from differing aspects, and learn new ideas from more experienced colleagues.

Unity is Strength Images
Unity is Strength Images

Unity among students

Forming unions in schools and colleges are essential for the wellness of all. Being in a group encourages the confidence of a student, and now he can discuss the problems he/she is facing with the whole group, and they all can collectively come to a conclusion. Student unions are also a medium through which students can make the concerned authorities listen to their problems and requirements.

Unity among citizens of a country

National unity is a great strength that cannot be weakened by any power. With unity among its citizens, a country can achieve impossible. Unity and the sense of collective identity are desperately needed for the prosperity of the country. Unity among citizens also promotes patriotism and removes discrimination, injustice, inequality, and social evils. Removal of selflessness and hate between the citizens and develop the feelings of we are the basic needs to encourage national unity. Therefore everyone should know the importance of national unity so that leaders and social organizations can strengthen the feeling and importance of collectivization.

Unity In Diversity

Our nation India is the most diverse country globally, with diversity in languages, dresses, cuisines, and religion. More than 20,000 languages and more than ten religions are currently spoken and practiced in our country.

The only thing which unites India is faith and respect towards others. A woman from South India who can’t speak a single word in Hindi wish to see Vrindavan ( The birthplace of Lord Krishna) and peoples from north India want to visit Rameshwaram, despite the differences in their languages, cuisines, and lifestyles we are still united by faith that we share in common.

Unity in Diversity
Unity in Diversity – We are One

There’s no doubt that Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism all became an integral part of our culture with time. Many Sikh Gurus worshipped the Hindu Gods, and Hindu Gods respected Sikh Gurus, many Sikhs visit Hindu temples and Hindus visited Gurudwaras. All the religions born on this land connected themselves with each other, respected, and worshiped the philosophies of others. From the above lines, it is no surprise that Buddha and the 10 Sikh Gurus are worshipped in the main Krishna temple in Mathura.

Today democracy holds our collective faith in an official way, but faith, cuisines, and philosophies hold us in an emotional way that is strong enough to be broken.


Unity is needed for our survival and the protection of ourselves from all the evil actions happening around us. With unity, no problem seems much complicated, and unity brings peace necessary for achieving greater social and economic progress. Unity won’t solve the problems which we face today, but it can make it easier.

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