Essay on Social Media

Social media essay introduction

Essay on Social Media: Emails and WhatsApp messages replaced Telegrams and letters; tagging on Facebook is all togather a new version of showing your love to your friends and family. Fancy photo filters provided by tonnes of applications present on the play store replaced camera rolls.

We are maintaining social distancing in reality before this pandemic could do anything. We are physically together but still emotionally miles away.

Social media
Social Media

My friends and I went to a restaurant to have lunch, and we were meeting after a very long time we ordered food, and it came it was very delicious as expected. One of my friends started taking pictures of the food to upload on Instagram, and another friend checked in on Facebook with five other whosoever were present there. Then I asked is it necessary to do this can’t we enjoy this little time together without any distraction!

I realized how Social media had been engulfed us, and we are so addicted to it. Whenever going somewhere, it has become a ritual of checking in and post pictures with tagging your friends.

It’s a kind of social display of your life where you invite people to judge your content based on their understanding, and later on, this gives you a sense of resentment that how someone can say that? But it’s we who are purposely putting our life on public platforms and waiting for public opinion. No. of likes and comments decide how a person is looking. I guess it’s more of social validation which we are seeking, which ultimately leads to a lack of self-confidence. We aren’t sure of what we are doing, so eventually, we need a platform where people can suggest and give opinion accordingly, and then we decide what is right or wrong!

Essay on social media
Essay on social media

This social media culture also shows how fashionable and attractive one person can be sometimes. It includes posting good photos, good stuff about yourself, maintaining your timelines, etc. Like every coin has two sides; likewise, it doesn’t only have negative points, but it has positive aspects as well.

Social media helps you to connect with your friends and families who are far from you. It will never feel like you are away from your close ones. It provides a connection. It even allows you to be friends with many other people, some you know and some you don’t know but became virtual friends with them.

But somewhere in the era of Virtuality, we are going away from our real friends and family. We are so busy finding new people that we lose connection with those who used to be good friends of ours. Sometimes it because of not knowing the technology by one and another person is pro at it.

Before the social media era

The phone was used for two works only i.e. call and text. It became essential to have a phone in the changing world as it let us communicate within seconds. With time new features added, and we got subtracted from the real world.

Social Media Images
Social Media

Group discussions changed in group chats, and daily status became important.

Why is it sometimes just a show-off?

On different occasions, be it birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s day, anything one posts a picture and message. Still, before all this, people use to meet spend time together, open up emotionally, and this all was the ingredients of a healthy relationship. But today these all limited to social media only, we are searching for our happiness in the virtual world.

Online but offline 

We have been online pretty much all the time, but we hardly speak with our near and dear ones in real. This platform attracts you in so much way that we have been offline from our real life.

Thought process

It is a game of impact. How hard it hits you emotionally, and then you behave in the way expected by these jargons. It’s the game of sharing, one’s you see something and then share it on your timeline, then somebody likes it comment on it and them this leads to a human chain.

Though, sometimes these platforms provide very attractive and useful features. For example, it gives a function to mark yourself safe at the time of earthquake or some calamity. It has options for raising funds for some good cause. I recently came across a feature where you can update your blood group on Facebook, and it will let you know when anybody in your respective area needs the same blood group.

Another vital thing is the Privacy policy

Many times new users who don’t know about these platforms very fall in trap as they don’t know how to use privacy features.

Though, Facebook has launched a new privacy system where you can lock your profile, and random people can’t see your photos and stuff. Even Instagram has a feature of privacy where you can go in settings and click on a private account icon.

Pros of Social Media

  • It helps you to connect people on a large scale. 
  • Friendship beyond the distance. 
  • It can help you to make people aware of some critical issues. 
  • It can be used for spreading information. 
  • It can be useful for business purposes. 

Cons of Social Media : 

  • It keeps you distracted always. 
  • Keeps you away from real bonds and people.
  • It makes you anxious. 
  • It leads you to compare your life with others and create an inferiority complex that can cause unhappiness. 
  • Sometimes for the sake of social appreciation, people live a fake life.

Everything has pros and cons, but these things can affect you only when you let them harm yourself. Limited use is always right. As we know, excessive anything is wrong.

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