Essay on Discipline

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Essay on Discipline

Whether it is the society or the home or the school, discipline is the watchword every where. Men who live in the society need to follow some rules and regulations which help in running life smoothly — this is what is called discipline. For the running of any organisation or institution it is necessary to frame some rules and the primary and essential need to run it well is to follow
those rules. Those who are members of such an organisation or institution also feel a sense of pride that they belong to a disciplined body.

The army, or the police have to be the most disciplined force. When on January 26 at the Republic Day parade in our country how elegant it looks when the army contingent or the police force marches with symmetrical steps. It is only the training in discipline that makes them to move in this manner. For the men of the armed forces the watchword is ‘It’s not to question why it’s but to do or die’. This is the sense of discipline with which our country’s borders and our nations honour are being protected by our army.

On the play field all the players have to follow the rules of the game and they cannot question the authority of the umpire and  have to quietly submit to his decision. In the classroom the teacher’s orders have to be obeyed only then can the teaching be conducted properly. You cannot indulge in mutual jokes or make noise while the teacher is teaching. Total attention to what the teacher is teaching calls for discipline. The teacher has also to maintain a certain decorum while teaching. He cannot tell stories instead of teaching the lesson.

But to follow discipline one has to limit and curtail his own liberty. You have the liberty to dress in whatever manner you please but if there is a particular dress prescribed by the school authorities, you have to put on that dress during school hours. While moving on the road the rule of the road is that you move on your left. If this rule is not followed, there would be all confusion and accidents.

In life also there has to be some discipline. Break the rules of nature in food and drink — the result would be ill-health. The family functions on discipline. The child must listen to what the mother and the father say. The brother must have the regard for the brother and the sister. Mutual respect and regard is the discipline of a home.

Therefore, whether it is the social life, whether it is a club or a school or a home — rules have to be followed — and that is discipline. without that there would be all chaos and confusion.

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