Essay on brain drain

essay on brain drain for class 12

Brain drain, also known as human capital flight refers to the situation when highly qualified and trained people leave a country to permanently settle in some other country.

first used this term in India in reference to the large exodus of population to Western countries in search of better opportunities. The theory founded by the Great Old Man of India in the early years of the 20th century, has become one of the most prominent and formidable problems of the country today. In today’s time, brain drain is considered the most debatable, discussed and controversial topics in the Indian Parliament. It is believed that though, the authorities condemn it openly but the socio-economic.

brain drain essay

infrastructure of the country promotes this practice. The average number of students or young people that emigrate from India to developed countries for higher studies each year, is about 153,300. However. only a marginal percentage of the same returns to their native land. Most choose to settle in those rich countries for better financial prospects and living standards.

This practice only drains or robs India of its highly skilled workforce including doctors, engineers, scientists and technicians. The reasons behind this are many. The sky-high cut-offs in the best Indian universities compel the ambitious youth, who fails to get a seat in a prestigious institute, to look for education opportunities abroad. While this is the case of young students, the academically well qualified people prefer going abroad for higher research because they do not get the best chances, resources and facilities in India. After getting a good global exposure and getting introduced to high quality life and facilities, students become reluctant to return to their home country.

Some professionals leave India in young age and return after they have•amassed sufficient wealth. Such people too, spend a major and prime part of their professional life outside, using their expertise in a foreign land and not in their home country which is in desperate need of it. To curb this practice, the authorities need to wake up from their sleep of ignorance, and take steps to retain its pool of talented youth. For this, first of all, we need more engineering and management schools. Despite the highly subsidised rate of higher education, India fails miserably in attracting the best brains in these two streams. The Centre most make efforts to create better job opportunities for the young professionals.

After witnessing a huge brain drain, the Health Ministry has suspended issuing “no obligation to return certificates” to medical students going abroad for studies. Also, stricter punitive measures against those, who do not return to the country when they had promised earlier, have come into force.

While India is putting the best foot forward to curb brain drain, there have appeared signs of reverse brain drain as a result of increased patriotic zeal among the youth. With better economic policies and human capital to execute them, there is hope that India shall come at par with the developed or rich nations in terms of infrastructure and living standards.

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