Autumn Season in India Essay

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Introduction – Essay on Autumn Season 500+

There are six seasons in India. However, namely, summer, winter, and monsoon are more prominent. The season of autumn falls between the seasonal change of summer and winter. It lasts from September till December, marking the beginning of the latter half of the seasonal year. A variety of noticeable changes in nature are seen during this time.

Trees start to release their leaves during this season, and for that reason, in a large number of nations, it is referred to as fall season. Besides that, there is an overall decrease in the temperature as well, which makes it very soothing and comfortable. Autumn for its natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere is one of the most favoured seasons of India.

Autumn season – Nature and its changes

Autumn Season in India Essay
Autumn Season in India Essay

The season of autumn is mainly loved the natural changes that it brings. After the continuous downpours of monsoon, nature breathes a sigh of relief during this season. The sky becomes crystal clear with beautiful shades of deep blue and clouds like cotton candy and as white as milk leisurely move across the sky. After heavy showers of rain throughout the monsoon, tree lush green leaves start to explode into vivid hues of orange, yellow and red.

It rains occasionally, however, not as aggressive as monsoon, and helps to bring down the temperature even further. Days also start to get shorter with a day each passing by. It gives people a break from the constant downpour and relieves people from the challenging, harsh weathers of winter, summer and rainy season. This is especially true for the poor, day to day working-class people.

Autumn season – Festivals

Autumn season – Festivals
Autumn season – Festivals

With nature’s mesmerizing beauty, the season of autumn creates for a number of festivals in India. India being a culturally diverse nation, adds to the beauty of the season with the celebration of its various festivals with great pomp and splendour. Some of the most popular festivities during the season are – ‘Eid al-Adha‘, ‘Ganpati Chaturthi‘, ‘Dussehra’, ‘Navratri’, ‘Durga Puja’, ‘Diwali’. An essential part of any festival is its cuisines, which makes for another highlight of this season. Besides these, various fruits and vegetables are available in the market during this time such as – kiwi, apple, blackberry, carrot, cabbage, cauliflower, avocado etc.

My favourite season – Autumn season 

Among the other various seasons of India, autumn is favoured by the majority of the people. Be it for the aesthetic beauty of nature, the soothing and enjoyable weather or, the various festivities. The various shades of the vivid blue sky add a dose of enthusiasm to our day to day life. The sunsets account for some of the most breath-taking hues of orange, pinks and purples. The evening breeze refreshes both the body and the soul. Every day of autumn is different, yet remarkably beautiful. It’s as if, every element of nature dances in its own rhythm of joy and invites all the living beings to emerge in its festivities and delight.


Hence, we can conclude that autumn is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable festivals in India and is highly favoured by the people. However, it has some downsides as well, such as – lower amounts cultivation, fallen leaves everywhere, risks of cold and allergies. Besides these, the natural beauty of this season is unmatched. And with the various festivities and celebrations, autumn perhaps makes for the best time of the year in India.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is autumn season in India?

The season that is observed between the transitions from summer to winter in India is called the autumn season. It’s seen between September and December.

Why is autumn called Fall?

Autumn is called Fall because, during this time, various trees start to release their leaves. Hence, in many countries, it’s called ‘Fall’.

Do we have autumn season in India?

Yes, we have autumn season in India between September and December.

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